How can I get a receipt for my purchase?

Want to know how you can get an invoice or receipt to claim expenses as a business?

We do not store your credit card details and do not charge your bank account directly. All purchases on iPhone or iPad go through Apple App Store, and all purchases on Android devices are handled by Google Play Market. Both those marketplaces are going to send you a receipt of your purchase 3-14 days after you make a purchase (it actually depends on when they charge your payment method for a subscription). That receipt can potentially be used to claim expenses, and those claims can help you to reduce the tax you pay if you use the app for your business.

If you did not receive the receipt in your email, please check the articles below for more support

Apple App Store (iOS, iPad OS)

Here, you can find more information on how to view your purchase history and get a receipt for your payments on the App Store.

Google Play Store (Android)

If you follow this link, you can see all the payments made through your Google account. You can export the tax invoice for every payment from there.

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