Understand Optimisation Settings

Route Optimisation types, Route Optimisation parameters and Re-optimisation
MyWay Route Planner, like no other app on the market, supports two Route Optimisations. It can build a route the way you want (without optimisation for stops sequence efficiency) and with optimisation (when the stops sequence is going to be optimised to provide you with the fastest/shortest route)
Keep Stops Order Mode will allow you to build a route how you want it to be. You can build a route and use MyWay functionality to track your progress.
Optimised Stops Order will allow you to get the most optimal route from a time and travel distance point of view. This mode is preferable as it will help you to save time and money on fuel.


In some cases, your route needs to be re-optimised. The main reasons why it might be required are: you did not close stops in the original order, you want to update time estimation, you changed stops order and want to actualise your route, etc. Also, a good sign you need to have a re-optimisation is "~" next to your time (like on the screenshot below)
In all these cases, we will show you the re-optimisation button or the need for re-optimisation. In this case, each route mode ("keep order stops" or "optimised stops order") has additional settings:
Start From setting has two options:
  • "Current Location" In this case, your current location and time will be a temporary starting point.
  • "Last visited location" In this case, the last finished stop (with done status) will be used as the starting point and starting time will be that stop completion time.
This option is not recommended as it might affect route distance and time estimation accuracy. It might be helpful if there is no access to your current location or your current location will brake the route building (as you might be far away, etc.)
Completed Stops setting has two options and will determine what the app will do with your completed stops:
  • "Move to Finished" The app will move all "Done" stops to the Finished section and exclude them from the route. All distances and closure times will be saved.
  • "Keep in Route" the app will keep all "Done" stops in the route and will consider them when building the new route.
"Move to Finished" option is preferable in 95% of use cases. It will dramatically simplify overhead and user experience and allow the app to build more accurate post-route reports (as it will sort all stops in the "closure order").
You would only like to choose "keep it in route" when you need to save the original stop order, no matter what.
Newly Added Stops setting has two options and will determine what the app will do with new stops (if you added them):
  • "Keep Order" New stops will be added to the end of the route at the order you added them. Your original stop order will not be changed.
  • "Optimize order" New stops will be optimised for distance/time efficiency and added to the end of the route. Your original stop order will not be changed.