What is MyWay Route Planner?

MyWay Route Planner is a route planner that builds the most efficient routes. It optimizes a sequence of stops in your route that helps you to save time and money on fuel.
MyWay is a Route Planner for the Real World. When other apps do not take into account things like service interval, delivery time windows, and traffic - we do. We build best-in-bread route optimization algorithms to help you and your business to save time and money on fuel.
MyWay Route Planner uses the best on-the-market technologies and is seriously optimized for operation efficiency. MyWay builds routes based on traffic conditions with the most up-to-date maps, addresses, and places database from Google Maps, Mapbox, Here, and OpenStreetMap combined into one route planner.
MyWay Route Planner is a route optimizer explicitly built for delivery drivers, sales, and everyone who needs to visit multiple stops during the day.
Please check our website if you want to know more https://mywayroute.com