Managing your Routes

Create, Save and Plan your routes in MyWay Route Planner
MyWay Route Planner allows you to create as many routes as you want. Creating routes is pretty simple. All routes are automatically saved after you have made any changes.

How to create a new route?

When you are in a route planning mode, to create a new route, all you need to do is to click on a three dots button next to a route name (please see screenshots below, the three dots button is in a red square) and choose the "New Route" option. Your current route is going to be saved automatically in the Routes section.
route planning screen
3 dots menu
When you are in the route following mode just simply click on a 3 dots button (placed in the top left side) of the following mode screen and choose "New Route"
Don't worry, your will not loose your current route or it's history. The app automatically saves the current route and all data on your device.

Where to find and manage your routes?

All routes are stored in the Routes section, which can be accessed from the main menu (that one that has an app setting). Please see the screenshots down below. All buttons on screenshots are highlighted in red.
app setting button
app settings
routes filter
Each route has its own menu, and what you can do depends on the route status. To be able to access the route menu, you can click on the three dots button next to the route name (above the map and on the right side of the route name). You can Edit saved Routes, Duplicate them, Download route reports, and do a lot of other things with your routes.
Keep in mind that all data except shared routes are going to stay on your device. If you want to know more about when we store your data please check this article.