Export your route and share it with others

This page will explain how you can export, and share your route with others

You can export your route from MyWay Route Planner at any moment. To be able to do so, you need to click on the 3 dots button next to the route name, there going to be an Export & Share menu item (like on the screenshot below):

MyWay has two different "branches" that will determine what you get as a result of sharing:

  1. Reports (XSLS, CSV, GPX, PDF) will provide you with a report on your route. The amount of data available will depend on route status and data added to stops (closure status, proof photo, etc.)

  2. Manifest & Route Copy. These two will create a copy of your route with no status data (like delivery status and proof) so you can share it with others. They can be shared and opened as a web link.

Files Export

You can pick a specific option if you need to export your route to a file like CSV, XLS, PDF, etc. That option is useful if you need to pass information about your route to someone, save it for later, or provide a report (PDF). If you are planning to use it for later (for import stops), we recommend saving it into either CSV or XLS. If you need some route reports, PDF will work better.

You can export your route to Manifest (Web Link). Get Manifest (see screenshot above) will allow those who don't have the app yet to see your route and access it from the Web, Tablet, or Phone. Also, Manifest can be a "print-friendly" option for you if you need to print your route on paper and have that paper as a reference.

Share Route Copy

If you want to share your route with someone else (like your driver, colleagues, etc.) we recommend the "Share Route Copy" option. That option will create a route link that you can pass to anyone via messenger, email, SMS, etc. When a person opens that link on their mobile device, if MyWay is installed, it will suggest importing that route to the MyWay App straight away, and if the app is not installed the link will redirect the user to the web page they can download MyWay from.

When you share the route by link, the route link will be active for 30 days only. After that, we will delete that route data from our server, so please make sure the route is received and processed by the person you share it with. We delete routes as per our privacy policy and to make sure all data belongs to you and no one else.

Please keep in mind that by sharing routes with others, you might unintentionally share some sensitive data.

Please make sure that the file you share does not have sensitive data, and clear the data if necessary. Different export options provide different data exports. You can always find the format you need, or simply clean some fields you don't need (like example from .XLS format).

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