Proof of Delivery

Visit Tracking, Proof of Visit, Proof of Delivery

It depends on the App Setting. When the "Proof of Delivery" option is on, the "Done" button in the route following mode will either open the Proof of Delivery Screen (when it's on) or close the stop and make the next stop active (when it's off).

Proof of Delivery has multiple statuses that you can use in combination. Arrived status is always on when you mark either "Success" or "Failed" and is there for precise arrival tracking.

When you set the "Success" status, you can add a Photo, Signature, and Details or combine them to capture some proof.

When you set the "Failed" status, you can specify the reason or add your own reason to the list.

You also can uncheck the arrived status if you need success or failure only. In this case, the app will not consider the stop as visited, and that will affect the overall distance traveled.

You also can quick pick "Proof of Delivery" status from route following mode by swiping stop to the right (see screenshot below) and picking desired status.

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