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Learn How To Do things in MyWay Route Planner, from planning your route to what can possibly go wrong.


pageWhat is MyWay Route Planner?pageDoes MyWay work in my area?pageHow much does MyWay Route Planner cost?pageHow many addresses can I add to a route?pageIs there any difference in functionality iOS app and Android App?pageWhat languages MyWay supports?pageHow to contact us?pageService Status


Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:

pageHow to use MyWay Route PlannerpageUnderstand Optimisation SettingspageManaging your RoutespageManaging your Contacts and PlacespageUnderstand Vehicle SettingspageUnderstanding Stop SettingspageUnderstand Navigation SettingspageImport from file and multi-line importpageHow to import XLSX files from other apps?pageExport your route and share it with otherspageProof of DeliverypagePlanning Multi-Day routes


Read our FAQ to understand how MyWay works:

pageThe route MyWay produced doesn't look correct?pageWhy some of my points are marked as incorrect or "Path not Found" or "Unexpected error"?pageI can't find an addresspageUsing MyWay without an internet connection (Offline Mode)pageWhat Service Time should you choose?pageSetting up correct Time Rate and Mileage Rates (for Business Users)pageWhat if the app is crashingpageYour privacy and where we store your data

Subscription Management

What to do if you have issues with your subscription:

pageMyWay does not recognize my subscriptionpageHow to upgrade/downgrade MyWay subscription?pageWhich payment methods are supported?pageHow to change or add a payment method?pageHow can I get a receipt for my purchase?pageWhy can't I buy a subscription?pageHow to cancel your MyWay subscription?pageHow can I get a refund?pageUse MyWay on multiple devicespageDoes app support Family Sharing on iOS?pageI've been double chargedpageSpecial pricing for non-profit organizations and volunteers

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