Import from file and multi-line import

MyWay Route Planner allows you to save time and import stops from multi-line imports, from files, from other apps, and even through links.

These features can save you a lot of time and hassle, as you can add many stops at once. To do so, simply click the "add stop" button (or click the search button at the very top left) > scroll down to the right > and choose multi-line import or import from file. If you import from a file, please make sure you use the correct format (an example can be found here). Also, please allow some time for the app to process your list, as sometimes it can be a pretty long process (up to 3 minutes) as the app is trying to recognize all addresses and match them to the addresses database.

Multiline Import

Please paste each address in a separate line and click the Search button. The app will then try to recognize the address. After that, you can edit the recognized address or click the "Select All" button on the bottom right side (or pick a specific address by clicking on it), and then click the "Done" button to add stops to the list.

Import from File

If you pick the File option, please download the file example (example.xlsx) to see how the file for import should look like. Then, after you have prepared your data, you can upload the file to the app by clicking the "Browse Files" button, finding file your need on your phone and process it it the app.

Import from file - file Example

You can use the file below if you need an example of a .xlsx file that can be imported into MyWay Route Planner.

The actual order of fields and column titles do not matter, but the format of the data is. Like example:

Column names for addresses can be "address," "Full Address," "FullAddress," etc., but the format should be the text that geocoding services can recognize.

We recommend using our format to keep it simple and consistent and reduce possible errors. Please check it below:

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