How to use MyWay Route Planner

Route modes, stop parameters, optimization modes, etc.
MyWay Route Planner is a very straightforward planner that will help you to build your routes in seconds. After downloading the app from Apple AppStore or Google Play Market, you need to open it, and the first thing you see is the app main screen.
MyWay Route Planner Main Screen
All you need to do is to add your first stop (and as many stops as you want) and add your Start Location and End Location (optional). At the bottom of the route there are other route settings like Vehicle Type, Departure Time, Optimization for Time/Distance. After you added all your stops and choose right parameters you need to click the big blue button on the bottom right side, and the app will try to optimize a route for you.
You can also change some stop parameters like time windows, priority, notes, color, etc. To do that, simply click on added stop.
Please keep in mind that "Optimization for Distance" will ignore stop setting like priority and time windows. The only one option that support time windows and priority setting in stops is "Optimization for Time".
Pay attention to the warnings and errors MyWay is showing you. For example, if the app believes the stop is incorrect or placed in the wrong place (like another country), it will show you an orange exclamation mark next to the stop. If you get any errors please check our article that explains what they mean and how to get them sorted.
After the app optimizes your route, it will show you the screen below and provide you with two options: go without optimization (in the order you added your stops) or go with optimization (and use the most efficient order possible).
Sometimes, an optimized route traveling time or distance can be bigger or take more time than the route without optimization. It happens because optimization considers all stop parameters. Parameters like "time windows," "priority," and "service time" will affect your route's overall time and distance. Don't worry. Our algorithm built the most efficient route possible. It just looks like it is not. If you want more about this please check our article that explains how the route optimization algorithm works.
Choose optimization type.
Now you have two options - the "Current" card means the stops order will stay as you added them (the app will not optimize stops order), and the "Optimized" card means the stops order will be optimized. Choose your preferred option and click the "Start Route" button, and the app will move you to "Route Tracking Mode," where you can Navigate to stops (Navigate button), close stops (Done button), and do many things. Two modes are available: Map mode and List mode. Choose which one you like more and enjoy the process.
Map Mode
List Mode
If you need to change a Navigation style (navigate by address/coordinates), you can long-press the " Navigate " button. The app will show you a modal window to change navigation mode and the final destination navigation app (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Wize, etc.)
Drop us a line through online chat if you have any questions. To do so, go to the Main Menu (top right corner) > Support > Talk to Us.