Understand navigation settings

Navigation apps and navigation types
MyWay supports many Navigation apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, Organic Maps, Here, etc.
Also, MyWay supports two primary navigation types Navigation by Address and Navigation by GPS Coordinates. Navigation Settings will determine what data will be transferred from MyWay to the Navigation App of your choice and will affect navigation accuracy in your Navigation App.
Navigation by GPS coordinates provides better precision and is more accurate. In this case, MyWay will pass the stop's GPS coordinates to the navigation app as the destination.
Navigation by Address is less accurate because MyWay will pass the stop's address to Navigation App, and Navigation App will attempt to find this address in the addresses database. This type might be more accurate if your stop is in a high-density area or your Navigator can't build a route to your stop. If your address does not contain a house number, MyWay will pass coordinates to Nav App as per a broad amount of results, and Nav App can return.
Some Nav Apps like Waze do not support Navigation by Address and can operate only in Nav by GPS coordinates mode.