The route MyWay produced doesn't look correct?

Learn why routes might not look optimal at first glance.
MyWay calculates your optimal route by simulating thousands of combinations to see which order is the most efficient.
Occasionally, upon first glance, it might look like the route isn't always the most efficient, but we can assure you it is.
With access to the most up-to-date maps, addresses, and places databases from Google Maps, Mapbox, Here, and OpenStreetMap, we build a route based on hundreds of parameters and many stop settings (like stops priorities and time windows) as well as route optimization settings like allowing u-turns, roadside, etc. All those settings may significantly affect an optimized route, so we recommend sticking to default settings (Any Road Side, Snap Location to the Road, and Allow U-turns) all turned on if you want to get the "most optimal route ever".
However, in some cases having some of those settings changed to your specific needs migh serve you better, even if it increase the route distance it can provide you with much convinience in return.

Why does the app make me return to the stops I have visited?

Sometimes it can happen, and it looks bizarre from the first point of view. It happens because of two parameters in the app settings: Allow U-turns and Road Side (Any Road Side by default). By changing these settings, you can find the best possible result in optimization that works for you.
The app can build more efficient routes if you turn on Allow U-turns settings in the app settings (it's turned off by default). The downside of this is going to be more u-turns which in most cases are less efficient from the time perspective and less safe if you drive a longer vehicle.
Allow U-turns turned ON
Allow U-turns turned OFF
Road Side setting, on another side, is responsible for app behavior that builds routes taking into account your personal (as a driver) preference to cross the road. If you choose "Any roadside," the app will build the most optimal route, but sometimes you have to park on another side from your stop and cross the road. If you choose "Same Side, " you don't have to cross the road, but the road will be longer.

How to report bad optimization?

In MyWay Route Planner, click on a menu icon in the top right. Then go to "My Trips," click on three dots next to the trip and choose the option "Problem with this Route?". Write down a message to us, and we will try to fix optimization for you. Please also share a screenshot that highlights the issue, so we can easily see a problem on our side.
Also, you can report lousy optimization when you have an active route. Please click on the three dots at the top left side when you have an active route and choose the option. "Problem with this Route?". Write down a message to us, and we will try to fix optimization for you.
The app can optimise not just full-loop routes but even routes without an endpoint. We work with thousands of drivers across the globe to make sure the optimisation works as efficiently as possible.