What Service Time should you choose?

Recommendation about the Stop Duration (Service Time) to choose to get the best route optimization results

To get the most accurate route that is very well optimized for your needs, you need to choose service time correctly. As a Service Time may vary, it will change the overall route time and the time you arrive at each stop. The wrong service time has an especially dramatic effect on those stops that have time windows. Service Time (time on a stop) depends on the type of delivery (or business you are in). Please check recommended service type down below:

BusinessRecommended Service Time

Documents Delivery

5 minutes

Good Delivery, Delivery from On-line Store (Small Box/Package, etc.)

10 minutes

Clothe Delivery (If customer wants to try it out)

20 minutes

Delivery of Big Boxes/Packages (Furniture, etc.)

40 minutes

Please choose Service Time correctly to make the most of the route optimization.

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