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Your privacy and where we store your data

Where do we store favorites, routes, and all your data?
We, as a MyWay Route Planner team, are very concerned about your privacy and believe all data belongs to you and should not be accessed by anyone except you. That's why we do not store your data on our servers (except in cases when it's required by functionality, like sharing your route with others), and we have a practice of deleting anonymized data from our systems on a weekly basis.

Where is data like stops, proof of delivery, etc. stored?

All routes you have created or finished are stored on your device in local storage and can't be accessed by any other app (unless you allow any other app to access data deliberately).
If you are an iOS user, you can turn on iCloud synchronization, and the app will save all your favorites and routes into your iCloud storage. Please ensure you have enough storage on iCloud, as some routes can use a significant amount of space (especially those with proof of deliveries, signatures, etc.).
Your data and your privacy have been and always will be our primary concerns. Therefore, we take privacy seriously and do not sell or share your data with other companies.