Why some of my points are marked as incorrect or "Path not Found" or "Unexpected error"?

Stops with Issues

MyWay Route Planner has an intelligent system that recognizes issues related to stops and can mark some of the stops like stops with issues. There are many reasons why a stop can be marked as a stop with issues. The most common are: stop can\t be reached by public road (it can happen because vehicle type, or simply no road access), no ability to satisfy time windows for a stop (because of tight schedule, or many stops with time windows), because the stop is in a different country, on the island, in the forest. All those issues will be shown by MyWay on the optimization screen so you can make a decision on what to do with them.

You reached stops limit

MyWay Route Planner supports up to 200 stops (including done, scheduled, and missed) + start and finish locations. Please make sure you are not out of the limit and that the overall number of all stops is 200 or less.

Path not Found

A "Path not Found" message usually tells you there is a problem with one or more stops on your route and that stop/stops can’t be accessed by the public road (they are on an island, in a forest, really far from other stops, etc.). This case is pretty difficult to resolve with optimization algorithms automatically, so that will require some manual check of those stops by a user. To help you resolve this, the app will mark stop/stops with known errors and can even exclude them from the optimized stops sequence. Also, the "Path not Found" message might be a result of vehicle-type issues. Please check them below.

P.S. There are some cases when the app can't show an error on a stop because there is no clear reason why. In this case, the app will rely on a user to check all stops manually and figure out those which do not look correct.

Vehicle type issue.

It can happen if your vehicle type is a big vehicle, like a truck (lorry). The error will appear when the optimization algorithm and/or navigational services do not see any ability to build a route for this type of vehicle to one or more stop/stops (low bridges, narrow roads not suitable for a long or tall vehicle, etc.). This case is easy to resolve by changing a vehicle type to a car. Do not worry, the majority of vehicles will do just fine on routes for a car or van. It is just those trucks that are long, tall, or big that are going to face issues and absolutely must use a small truck or truck as a vehicle type.

Vehicle Type and Route Settings can affect the route look, its time and distance, as well as overall route "correctness" and convinience. Please make sure you use the right settings to get the best results for your needs.

Unexpected Error

An "Unexpected Error" message usually tells there is a problem with the optimization algorithm. Please check your route and try again in a minute or so. If the issue still exists, please share your route with us so we can assist you in resolving the issue.

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