Is there any difference in functionality iOS app and Android App?

In short - yes. Not everything available on iOS is automatically available on Android and vice versa. At this stage, the iOS app has much more functionality and is superior to our Android app, as the Android app is currently in public beta.

Our main goal is for the two apps to be as close as possible, but there are still some platform limitations and differences between these two. For example, Android features Google Maps by default and is missing Apple Maps and Apple geocoding entirely, as there is no way to add that to the Google Platform.

Also, the Android app has a limited amount of search features (iOS has an address, map, contacts, favorites, multi-line list, import from file, and photo, audio; an Android has an address, map, multi-line list, audio at this moment). Reports are not available on Android just yet but will be available in the next 1-2 months. Overall, we aim to make all features available on Android around May-June 2024.

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