Where can I find all my routes and how to create a new one?

Where are my saved routes?

You can create an endless amount of routes, and all of them will appear in the Routes section. You can easily access it by clicking a menu icon (top right corner of the main app screen), and then you can find all your routes in a Routes section (in the left top corner of the main menu). We divide all routes into "To Do" routes - planned but not finished yet, and "Completed" routes. You don't have to save your routes. All routes (including new routes you created) are going to be saved in the routes section.
If you want to create a new route, you can do so by simply going to the main screen (that one you use to add routes) and clicking 3 dots button next to the "Edit" button. Simply choose the "New Route" menu item, and the app will create a new route for you.